Interview With CEO & Founder Of Design O Web Technologies- Bhavik Agarwal

Bhavik Agarwal

Mar 16, 2022

Tell us in brief about your company. How Design O Web Technologies began this journey?


Designoweb was established with the sole target of making custom programming arrangements. While our underlying foundations are in the work area and backend programming, we are principally a portable application advancement organization.

The journey began 6 years back when I employed an IT organization to develop a product for my other endeavor. The terrible score of administration and understanding between a coder and a client caused me to feel that something much better is required in the market. This offered ascend to Designoweb.

The company was started with 6 people and now has immense growth, a steep inclination with 100+ employees till the day.

The journey of Desigoweb was quite stout in the beginning. In any case, this all didn’t come effectively the primary concern that we needed to handle during our excursion was the changing method of how the business works particularly in data innovation things change quickly so to keep up the quality at volume scaling up and assembling trust was a difficult assignment for us so we need to take them two hands close by.

We are offering the advancement development

  • App development
  • Web development
  • iOS development
  • UI/UX designing
  • Digital marketing


How do you provide direction in Design O Web Technologies? What is your role in managerial activities?


I am not just the CEO of the company but a mentor as well, I have seen a growth in each member of the company from start-up till the day. Providing assistance and leading the company at the steep incline is my goal. Our company provides democratic management in which employees are equally responsible for decision making which leads to personal employee growth. Hence instructing, directing, and assisting is my main enforcement.

I stay involved in every step of the company which could even be related to tech-engineering- marketing, I always provide them assistance and advice related to work from my real-life experience. Software is not something that you code, it’s something that a user can use. So I keep giving them real-time experiences so they can understand the business logic & goals behind every project.


Give us a brief about your enormous achievement so far in the industry.


Appreciation in the industry and steep growth are the greatest achievements for Designoweb. We started this company with passion and hard work and today we are recognized by the outcome of those two factors.

Client satisfaction is even one of the important achievements for us because today, where we are standing, is because of clients and when the client is satisfied that is the greatest sense of achievement for our company.

We are awarded by Global Excellence Recognition Awards (GERA-2019) and also we are featured as a Top Rated app and web development company by appfutura ,Clutch, appfirms and many more.

We are very happy to be recognized by prestigious platforms. Our hard work and client satisfaction made us achieve such a prestigious achievement from reputed portals.


Where do you see your company in the next five years?


I see Designoweb as one of the worldwide pioneers in the versatile web and application advancement space alongside in any event 5 SAAS products running in the market and being utilized by a huge client base. Capturing the technology industry and making changes in the tech industry. Creating opportunities for people and not bounding the company just for some but creating diversification in my company for many people too.


What are the key factors to be considered before selecting the right platform for web & mobile application development?


Identify Your Target Audience (User-Centric)

For over 40% of the review respondents the objective market and the topography where the portable application will take into account, is the most widely recognized factor before they choose to go for an application on Android or iOS. It is crucial to distinguish who you need to contact and which stage they decided to use, before choosing a stage. Doing statistical surveying to comprehend the socioeconomics of your clients is the key to making an effective application.

Right Platform Selection

One of the most significant inquiries you have to pose to yourself is, in which stage you need to convey your business application. It is fitting to begin with one stage. Be an ace of a solitary stage, later you can proceed onward to different stages. iOS, Android and Windows are the most mainstream portable application stages.

So as to choose the most appropriate stage for your portable application, you have to keep certain things in your psyche like application brand, target crowd, application highlights and above all estimating methodology. From that point onward, you have to pick advancement procedures for your business application; Native, Mobile Web or Hybrid.have numerous focal points, yet it might be somewhat costly.


Building up a business portable application requires venture alongside information and procedure. Knowing your spending plan and dispensing it appropriately among each phase of application improvement is basic. There are different parts of an application that expects cash to be put into; application advancement, support, refreshing, promoting, and so forth. Essentially your application financial plan relies upon your specialty. The sort of application you need to make and the kind of substance you wish to include your application.


We would like to learn about your distribution strategy. How do you take your apps to market and what approaches have worked for you?


For our products, we distribute either via Social Ads or through our distribution partners across various countries. IT is a big network, the only approach that works here is having a lot of people who use and sell your products. Furthermore strategies which are used-

Decide a release date

Contrasted with Google, Apple has a severe audit process that may defer your discharge, or you may experience a misfortune you didn’t foresee. Arranging far ahead of time will give you a satisfactory chance to get ready for your item’s hard dispatch and permits you to predict possibilities that may happen.

Lead statistical surveying to comprehend your clients

One of the most well -known pre-dispatch botches isn’t doing statistical surveying appropriately. Before you start any improvement work, you have to distinguish the key players in your particular application class. It doesn’t make a difference how exhaustive your advertising endeavor is – if your application doesn’t address a client concern point or addresses that concern point that as of now has a modification application array in the market, at that point your item will basically not succeed. Application Annie gives a considerable measure of valuable application advertisement information.

Make client personas

A central goal all through the mindfulness stage is finding who your objective client is, the thing that they esteem, and the main torment point they experience that your product or services will address. There can be various client bunches for a versatile application and every client persona will have its one of a kind client venture.


What method do you follow for handling web and mobile app development to reach up to a committed timeline for your clients?


For our products, we distribute either via Social Ads or through our distribution partners across various countries. IT is a big network, the only approach that works here is having a lot of people who use and sell your products. Furthermore strategies which are used-

We follow the Agile Development cycle and use scrum to deal with the start to finish lifecycle. We use Kanban loads up and use devices like JIRA, ClickUp, and so on to keep the group lined up with the correct venture course of events.

The Agile model embraces the Iterative turn of events. Each steady part is created over a cycle. Every cycle is proposed to be belittle and effectively sensible and that can be finished inside a long time as it were. At a time one emphasis is arranged, created, and conveyed to the clients.

The Kanban Method is a way to configure, oversee, and improve stream frameworks for information work. The strategy additionally permits associations to begin with their current work process and drive transformative change. They can do this by picturing their progression of work, limit work in progress (WIP), and quit beginning and begin wrapping up.


What are the key trends driving the growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is effectively forming both the mechanical and purchaser universes. Shrewd tech discovers its way to each business and purchaser area there is—from retail to medicinal services, from funds to coordination and a botched chance deliberately utilized by a contender can without much of a stretch qualify as a drawn-out disappointment for organizations who don’t develop.

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is anticipated to produce an extra $344B in incomes, just as to drive $177B in cost decreases. IoT and keen gadgets are as of now expanding the presentation measurements of significant US-based industrial facilities.





In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main drivers that make your company stand out of the crowd?


Being customer-centric

For over 40% of the study respondents the objective market and the geology where the versatile application will take into account, is the most widely recognized factor before they choose to go for an application on Android or iOS. It is critical to distinguish who you need to connect with and which stage they decided to use, before choosing a stage.

Up-scaling and continuous employee training

Technology changes every year so it’s important to provide continuous training according to technology development and upscaling . As these training and upscaling will refine your teams and will help them to be more productive in less time.

Quick adoption of latest technologies

The company should be quick to adopt the latest technology because technology changes the way of work and if one does not adopt such changes it will be difficult to survive in the tech industry.

Being innovative and following the industry trend

Be the change and bring change when working in the tech industry. Be more innovative while working which results in more work in less time. And never lag in bringing an industry trend because at that point in time the work will work according to the trend.

These points are the main points which I consider that make Designoweb different and unique as well from others. We change ourselves depending on these few factors because a change in one is necessary to survive in the industry.


You’ve been at this sphere for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


Stay stable, trust your goals, strategies may change but the goal doesn’t. Stay persistent for your goal but work smartly by changing your strategies and by performing hard work for it. “Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” Because nowadays time competition is all the way across but staying on one path and doing hard work is the only way to succeed.

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