5 Tips To Create Perfect Mobile App For Your Business

Bhavik Agarwal

Mar 09, 2022

Majority of business owners have doubts in their mind; whether creating a mobile business app will help them or not. But the fact is that, in today’s era of modern business you have to create a perfect mobile app if you want to stand ahead of your competitors. The reason for this is, the app that you will create will improve the interaction of the clients with the brand and also it will attract many customers.

What do you think, in this modern era mobile is only a luxury? No, this is not the case now! It becomes an essential part of every business! There was a time when customers browsed different websites on PCs but today, they love to do each and everything on mobile devices.

Mobile app can be a huge investment for every business whether small or big. However, building a functional as well as easy to understand mobile app simply requires proper planning, strong design skills, and much more. There are some questions that every entrepreneur must ask from himself/herself before deciding on the mobile app.

  • What is the goal? Ask yourself what your business goal is and whether the app will be able to accomplish that. Once you identify the goal of the app, you can start creating it.
  • Can I afford it? No doubt, creating a mobile app is not quite easy and you need to spend enough money on creating it. So, be honest and ask yourself whether you will be able to afford it or not.
  • Who are our customers? Determine who your users are and whether the app will benefit them in some way or not. For instance, if you are targeting customers of age group between 18-35 then, of course, they will love to use an app rather than visiting a website. Older people may not be that much interested in using an app.

Might be you have numerous questions in your mind. That’s quite normal! Since you can’t invest money in creating mobile apps blindly! Bhavik Agarwal who is a well-known app developer and the founder of company Designoweb shared a few tips to create a mobile app for your business. If you really want to create a perfect mobile app, check out some interesting below-points shared by him. Let’s get started!


  • Select the appropriate features for the app

There are numerous features that you can include in the app like push notifications, in-app messaging and much more. They will improve the customer's experience! How? By giving customers notifications regarding the availability of the latest products. 

Of course, your main goal of creating an app is to let users search anything with much ease. You can look for more features so as to make the app more useful for customers.


  • Start small grow big

The major issue with the majority of business owners is that they add lots of features which makes the entire app look messy and also it creates confusion in the minds of customers. This is the biggest mistake that the majority of business owners make.

When it's about mobile apps especially for business then less is actually more!

The best way is to include a few features that you think are useful and later on increase with the same.


  • Go easy on the ads and banners

In this fast-paced world of business, the good thing is that nowadays mobile marketing is gaining much traction. There’s a bad thing too! Do you know what that is? Majority of brands are mistreating this platform. They start adding lots of banners without giving a single thought. However, the reality is that lots of banners as well as advertisements will totally destroy the mobile client experience. 

Apps having lots of ads as well as banners is quite irritating and at times it can annoy your customers too. In the end, there are chances that you can lose your customers. How? They will delete the app and will never prefer downloading it again. 


  • Make the app smooth

These days, generally everyone is making use of mobile phones for exploring things and even for making payments. But that doesn’t mean every person is an expert in operating smartphones smartly. This is the reason; you should make the mobile app simple to utilize as well as easy to navigate.

Think for a second, how you will feel when you won’t be able to operate or download the app easily! Maybe you should stop downloading that app, right? There’s a big disadvantage of this complex app! The users will not even try to put efforts into learning how to actually navigate the app and will simply uninstall it.


  • Hire a developer

Some companies still like to take the help of their in-house team of mobile developers. It’s better to hire a professional mobile developer in case of creating a mobile app for the business. Wondering, why? Since, it's quite difficult for an in-house team to resolve app-related issues completely. 

But, if you hire a professional then you won’t have to fret regarding anything since they are skilled enough in their job. Also, hiring a professional mobile app developer is quite affordable now and you will be able to get desired results as per your expectations and in minimal time.


Sticking to your vision is the key to your success says, Bhavik Agarwal CEO of Designoweb

What makes a startup idea to become successful. Let’s have a look at what Bhavik Agarwal (Founder and CEO of Designoweb Technologies) has to say about leading one of the most successful startups  “Designoweb Technologies” and making it one of the most promising Mobile Application Development companies in India’s digital market.

India is a growing digital marketplace and in this marketplace, each and every business be it small, mid-market or enterprise wants to have a digital platform and We at the Designoweb has successfully transformed their dream into reality. In fact not only in India but also in other nations around the globe. The idea of this startup came into my mind during my graduation where I could see that our world was turning into virtual reality, everything was available in our hand. Our mobile phone started to become smarter. But there was still a gap with a market where people were not able to create smart applications for smartphones.

But this all did not come easily the main thing that we had to tackle during our journey was the changing way of how the business operates especially in information technology things change rapidly so to maintain the quality at volume scaling up and building trust was a challenging task for us so we have to take them both hands in hand. We wanted to focus on treating every customer with the same level of service so that the bond between the company and the customer should be maintained positively. Apart from all this maintaining the company standard was also a tough challenging task for us.

My journey till now has made me realize there are a couple of factors that make a Startup successful , like doing the existing thing differently and being ready for any type of situation. We need to plan things according to the situation knowing when to invest and where to invest. Designeoweb gained its height in 2015 as it was certified ISO 9001, an organization for its quality delivery it has also been awarded as the most promising app development company of the Year 2019 at the GER awards. Not only this we are also a  certified mobile application Development Agency in clutch app  Futura and good firms. We have also been categorized among the top app development companies in India by the software world and top developer agency. To reach this height it takes a lot of courage, hard work, and patience.

We at Designoweb always aim to evolve as the one-stop solution for the technology needs of a business. We Stick to our vision, we do not go off track and that’s what keeps us moving. People these days tend to get off or bored with things very easily. They need quick changes but leaving something midway because it seemed boring for a period of time doesn’t help you anyway. All this motivation comes from within. If you dream something, make it happen.

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