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What The Client Wanted

Teksmart is a website which is a team of enablers and architects of turnkey solutions that involve recycling of technology. As they are a group of people who depend upon technology , they wanted to bring their work on the internet for everyone to see. So , we suggested making a website for the users like companies or people in the tech world and a friendly , accessible app for the easy quick go of the technology. Happy with our suggestions , our client agreed to work on this with us.



  • Logo Designing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Android Application
  • Backend Development
  • Quality Analyst
  • Wireframes
  • Web Application
  • iOS Application
  • MVP Development
  • Final Build

Project Challenges And Their Quick Fix

Clearly Defining Goals

Having a clear goal is important while making a website or an app because it can ensure the making or breaking of it. The idea was defined and imagined in the head of the owners but the presentation of it seemed a little blurry. Our team worked in unison by planning strategically to understand the actual cause. The vision of the app or website was made clear.

Scheduler For Automatic Registration

We were required to follow the SMART rule for creating the documentation which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound steps. So, we created an active registration form. The user has to upload his/her personal details and they’re good to go.

Tight Security

We certainly didn’t want sites to be vulnerable to viruses, malware, or hacker attacks. So, to ensure the peace of the website we kept it still in the design format. We kept the site safe by not entering the login form on the site’s advance element. Because many individuals sometimes try to disrupt the peace of your website.

Design Layout

A website which makes your viewers hooked on it is really important. Designing a site which is so intricate that makes the user keep on coming back again and again. Our team worked together and decided to present the most intricate designs with a fusion of fun and certain bold colors. Our mission was to help in providing a smart looking website with playful tabs in order to attract our audience and gain it’s attention. The owners of Teksmart agreed with us.

Our team understood the fact that the visitors of this website will be charmed by the endearing colors and will click right away. Professionals came up with this idea of representing the website with a coarse look. We ensured that the look and feel of the site matched perfectly with the viewer’s comfort.

Designoweb Technologies

Our Process

agile process step 1
Image Concept
agile process step 2
Image Design
agile process step 3
Image Development
agile process step 4


Color plays an integral role in how we perceive the world. Consequently, it can radically affect how we perceive a website.Color associations are powerful. So, our team brainstormed the ideas together , placed it on a table and started working on providing the best type of color scheme according to our client.Our designers wanted to play with the power of colors to visually decipher the data.Our team also kept an eye (pun intended) on how it will affect the viewer’s eyes. It is important for the audience to stay by hooking on the site.

Our designers started with primary colors ‘BLUE’ and ‘GREEN’ for starters.These colors each represent an element that nurtures the essence of Teksmart. Blend of white with blue really gave a brilliant contrast to the site and it really matched with the green for pure intention to bring attention. It highlights and adds drama & eccentricity to the website.

About The Project

We are a dynamic team of individuals with over 50 years of combined experience in the distribution of features and smartphones to include all aspects of supply chain management within varied sectors covering retail, networks, distribution, recycling, reverse logistics, forward logistics, manufacturing, stock management and omnichannel supply chain. ​If your company requires a recycling solution or indeed wishes to get involved within the business of technology recycling then come to us. We also have smartcheck, smartcycle, smartc2c as well. Teksmarts 'SMARTCHECK’ is the recycling business of smartphones and technology which have a uniformed quality control and checking service that is accepted as a standard. ‘SMARTC2C’ is a solution that incorporates collection from the consumer right through to redistribution of that same product back into the consumer.


Technology We Used

Making this website was a job. But we love challenges. The website is about RECYCLING technology. We wanted the viewer to come back again and again after watching the website. So the best programs were boosted in our head when we first started making this website. It was a task given by ourselves in which we had to excel.

With the help of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) which is known as a general-purpose scripting language that can be used to develop dynamic and interactive websites. We chose to have the website’s format intricate and elegant so it was done with the help of this program. Now, for android we used Java and Kotlin as Google's libraries, tooling, documentation, and learning resources were done with it. Our professionals chose it as it can be used to build performant.

Icon The team of Designoweb worked wonders. They are a group of innovative minds and work cooperatively. They provided me with the best services out there. They did exactly how I asked them and gave their personal preferences too which helped me in boosting my website. Hard-working , friendly and quite understanding team. Would love to work on future projects together. Russell Cusack
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