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Apple Credit Card
  • Author webdoone April 1, 2019
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Apple Introduced New Service- Apple Credit Card

Apple card is a credit card created by Apple but not by a bank. So it’s simple transparent and private and it’s the only credit card designed to take advantage of the power of the iPhone. It works with Apple Pay so buying something is as easy as anything else.

How to check where one Invested by Apple Card

Unlike other credit cards, it helps you easily understand your spending. It’s all right there in Apple Pay; you can check your total spending by week, by month, or by category (shopping, food, and many more). And if there is a transaction you don’t remember, Apple Credit Card uses Maps to show you where it was, like exactly where you invested.

How to earn Rewards in Apple Credit Card

Let’s talk about rewards, you should get them today, you shouldn’t wait for a month. That’s why Apple Card gives you daily cash, with every purchase. It goes straight to your Apple Cash Card, so you can spend it just like cash.

No point? No! How does one redeem again? Time to pay your balance?

Let’s see how? Apple Card makes the interest you pay clear and transparent. If you pay a little amount you have to pay a small amount of interest whereas if you pay more that figure of interest amount goes down until there is no interest at all. Apple Credit Card is a Credit Card that encourages you to pay less interest. You don’t have to pay any fees, because Apple Card doesn’t have any fees, not even hidden ones.

Apple Credit Card

Privacy and Security in Apple Credit Card

Apple Credit Card sets a new level for privacy and security. Apple Pay technology creates a unique card number for you and then locks it away in the secure element of your iPhone. And with Face ID and Touch ID, only you can use your Apple Credit Card.

Apple Credit Card

Got a question regarding Apple Card? Just send a text; you don’t have to wait on hold. And it’s all lives in the Wallet app on your iPhone, so it always with you. But if you happen to be somewhere that doesn’t accept Apple Pay yet, there you can use, titanium, laser-etched, and no number Physical Apple Credit Card. For more Information Contact Us. You can also visit

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