Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Applicable for all the Projects under Design O Web Technologies

  • All Content / Images must be provided by Client’s side. The company is not held responsible for any copyright or licence infringement.

  • Data/ images for dynamic pages must be uploaded by client’s side.

  • We use testing server for showing Web Development.

  • We can’t upload website on your main server before all due clearances.

  • Domain & Server Charges are Extra* and must be beared by the client.

  • SEO or any promotional activities are just facilities not any commitment.

  • Any delay from client’s side will not be countable our proposed duration.In case of a delay from client's end and crossing the project duration, the company is not liable to work as per the client.

  • Any information published on the website must be cross checked by client, company is not held responsible for any copyright issues.

  • We are committed to keep secure login id and password and not share to any unauthorized person.However after the project delivery, its the responsibility of the client to change the Login credentials as the company is responsible for any security concerns thereafter.

  • The part of amount charged from the client as Advance is NON-REFUNDBLE in any case once the project is initiated. This amount is used as a part of the development process and hence its NON-REFUNDABLE.